What we got goin' on

At the core of Tinted by Tancouver lies the unshakeable belief in empowering every individual to own their beauty, on their terms.

We're not just selling a sunless tan; we're selling confidence, a stand against The Sun's harmful rays, and the power to transform into the ultimate version of oneself.

Tinted is about more than looking good— it's about feeling invincible, embracing your inner strength, and radiating that fierce, unstoppable energy to the world.

It's time to choose wisely, embrace a glow that gives back, and leave The Sun to do what it does best- rise and set, no skin off our backs.

  • Amazing Ingredients

    Formulated with the highest grade and most refined skin loving ingredients, Tinted delivers a beautiful bronzed finish which dries in seconds and will never dehydrate your skin - it's infused with hyaluronic acid!

  • Multi Shade Technology

    Customize your glow every time! Simply rinse at our recommended times to achieve a light, medium or dark finish. You can even sleep in this product overnight or reapply the next day for a deeper bronze flawless tan!

  • Effortless Application

    Whether you are only beginning your sunless journey or you are a self proclaimed sunless tanaholic, this luxurious lightweight formula glides onto the skin like a dream and delivers a beautiful golden olive tone.